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Mr V. S. Stepanov
General Director
IPTC Logos of the VOS

Administration, the collective of teachers, students and their parents of the Altai territorial special correction general education school for persons with visual impairment express enormous thankfulness to IPTC Logos for the invaluable gift to our school. Your devices will help children with visual impairment to deeper master the knowledge and to obtain skills required in daily life.


Dear Vladislav Sergeievich,

Thank you very much for provision of assistance in acquisition of a computerized typhlo-device with speech synthesis! This device reads out a text from a flat bed sheet and reproduces it with the voice, which has significantly expanded my abilities to access information and assured my independence in the work of a blind specialist.

Disabled person 1st degree worker
of LPO Electro-Apparatus

The collective of the Stavropol territorial library for the blind express our sincere thankfulness to the publishing and polygraphic typhlo-information complex Logos of the All-Russian Association of the Blind for the gratuitous allotment of a complete set of equipment for fitting out of the recording studio, which made it possible to start creation of a unique fund on modern carriers. Three programmes are being realized on the base of the studio: A "talking" book in mastering of the history, culture and traditions of peoples of the Northern Caucasia; "With other eyes" - sonication of local periodicals; "Children - to handicapped children" - "talking" books for children.


Herewith we would like to express our sincere thankfulness to the collective of IPTC Logos for their help in mastering of new typhlo-information technologies. They allowed the blind and persons with poor sight to get an independent access to electronic information. The previously unreachable target - a two-way interchange of the blind with the outside world - thanks to the activity of specialists of Logos has become a reality for our users.

President of Social Fund "The Second Vision"
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Dear Vladislav Sergeievich,

Very much we liked the quality and the external appearance of special writing-books, which are produced by the collective of IPTC Logos. It is especially important that flat bed inscriptions in them are duplicated with the Braille script. It is convenient for both blind children and children with residue of vision. Thank you very much for your concern for the growing-up generation.

Director of the territorial boarding school
for blind children and children with poor sight

Mr V. S. Stepanov
General Director
IPTC Logos of the VOS

The Saratov special regional library for the blind expresses the deepest gratitude for the provided digital sound-recording studio. With its introduction the information field for our blind people was significantly widened and operativeness of presentation of necessary information to them has increased. Technical possibilities of the studio are so great that they allowed us to triple the issuance of "talking" books.


Herewith we are expressing an enormous gratitude to the collective of IPTC Logos for their attention to problems of our boarding school and constant assistance in strengthening of the typhlo-technical base and participation in information adaptation of children with visual impairment. We wish you successes in your noble activity!

Director of the specialized correction boarding school

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