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Одно из зданий комплекса ЛогосвосThe publishing and polygraphic typhlo-information complex (IPTC) Logos of the All-Russian Association of the Blind (VOS) has been established in 1978 as an organization whose mission is to develop and introduce new typhlo-information systems on the basis of modern technologies for achievement of more effective rehabilitation of the blind.

More than 100 people work at Logos, and one third of them are visually handicapped persons whose work places are equipped by modern computer and other typhlo-technical devices.

Logos is the only organization in the All-Russian Association of the Blind, which complexly solves issues of information rehabilitation of visually handicapped persons through carrying out a publication preparation and issuance in a special format of "talking" books on audiotapes in a for-track version, of literature printed with a raised point script of Braille, flat bed large script publications, as well as visual aids wit raised impression on polymer films.

Annually Logos publishes more than 350 titles of belles-lettres, socio-political, popular scientific literature and periodicals in a form of a "talking" book with total duration of sounding of one million hours.

At Logos for the first time in Russia there was created and now operates a printing office equipped with modern Braille industrial printers, which made it possible to simplify the technological process, significantly reduce the net cost of the products and at the same time to issue them on a high polygraphic level with the total edition of up to 50 thousand books a year. At this, there used is special paper whose recipe was developed under supervision of Logos specialists. Its use gave a possibility to achieve the optimum stability of the point, reduce the books' size and weight (this made them more convenient to read) and, which is quite important, to reject the purchase of expensive imported raw materials.

At Logos there has been formed a unique fund with several thousand units of raised matrixes and forms with the help of which there made are raised relief geographical maps, orientation plans, education aids, as well as multiple relief images of the visual environment.

Logos provides 72 special libraries and dozens of schools for blind children with typhlo-equipment, which makes it possible to organize an operative small-edition issuance of literature in special formats for different categories of readers.

Logos has achieved the level of world standards in the area of information support of the blind and is ready to cooperate in this direction with all interested organizations.

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